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Criminals on trial

Year 9 pupils were given the opportunity to participate in the re-enactment of a slice of local history. In the Shire Hall Court at Norwich Castle, pupils were able to watch the trial of the notorious dumpling poisoner of the 1830s.  Not only did they take on the role of the jury, but also acted […]



Music Project

Norfolk Music Hub awarded Caister Academy funding to run a bespoke Music Project. The workshop was delivered by musical keys who worked with the pupils building and designing a synthesiser . They performed in GT Yarmouth Market place as part of the Yarmonics festival . The performance was very successful and the audience were very […]



Geography Field Trip

The week commencing 17 September saw Yr 10 and Yr 11 pupils complete their geographical fieldwork. Pupils worked hard to collect lots of primary data that they will be using to investigate coastal erosion and quality of life in Hemsby and Caister-on-Sea. It was pleasing to see how much effort the groups put into the fieldwork. […]