Curriculum we offer

School Values

At Caister Academy our key values are centred around four key concepts the 4Rs.

These concepts will underpin everything we do with our pupils and will allow for a consistent approach in developing well rounded pupils who make a positive contribution to the school and wider community. The foundations we will build on, will enable our pupils to Be The Best They Can Be making the most of all opportunities which come their way.

Respect         We listen to each other and look after each other and the environment
within which we work.

Relationships   We recognise the importance of establishing positive relationships
with pupils and parents. Working hard to create rapport between us.

Responsibility  We expect pupils to take responsibility for their actions and for each
other. We recognise the importance of creating an environment where kindness prevails.

Resilience      We aim to build a strength of character in our pupils which enables
them to deal with difficult situations, maintaining a positive mindset throughout their learning journey.

School Performance