Free School Meals

Are you and your family eligible for free school meals?

Your child is eligible for a free school meal if you are in receipt of any of the following:

•  An entitlement letter issued with income support/ job seekers allowance (income based)
•  A letter from the benefits agency confirming entitlement
•  A letter from the Inland Revenue confirming entitlement to Child Tax Credit (but NOT Working Families Tax Credit)
•  and with an income below £16,190

If you believe that you qualify and are not already claiming free school meals, please complete the linked form and return to central office.

Once we have received your application we will then forward your information on to them, where the Free School Meals staff will use the Department of Education Eligibility Checking Service to confirm entitlement. They will then write to you direct, confirming your eligibility and will send a report to us.

You will only have to fill in this form (in PDF format) once as, unless there is a change in family circumstances, it will last for the duration of your child’s time at the Academy.

Free School Meals Application