House Teams

“Never Turn Back”


Caister Academy welcomes all new pupils and ensures they quickly feel part of the school community. The House System plays a key role in this by fostering teamwork and a sense of community through participation in healthy competition. Since its inception in 2011, the House System has proven a great success, seeing staff and pupils working together and supporting each other to enable a great sense of achievement and enjoyment. Our House Teams exist to motivate pupils to work hard and to achieve success, while also understanding and highlighting the importance of being part of a team.


The Teams

On arrival at Caister Academy, each pupil is assigned to a House. There are four Houses, currently named in honour of the historic lifeboats of Caister Lifeboat Station: Neville, Beauchamp, Leath and Burton. We wanted to show the strong history that is part of Caister, as it isn’t simply just a location, but also a community. Working together has been a core element of the Caister Lifeboat Station in order for them to save lives. Teamwork is not just important in difficult situations. It is also important in demonstrating what people can do as a team. Each House comprises pupils from all years and tutor groups. Siblings are placed in the same Houses.


Select a House colour below to reveal its name and history.

Built in 1865. Stationed in Caister from 1865 to 1883. The first motor-powered lifeboat at Caister Lifeboat Station.


Built in 1892. Stationed in Caister from 1892 to 1901. Named in memory of Sir Thomas Beauchamp.


Built in 1910. Stationed in Caister from 1919 to 1929. Originally served at Pakefield from 1910.


Built in 1904. Stationed in Caister from 1929 to 1941. First stationed at Grimsby from 1904 to 1927.