Art and Design

Plan, Develop, Design, Create.

We believe in allowing the creative side of our pupils to develop and flourish, potentially improving their confidence in their imaginative capabilities. In Art & Design, pupils learn technical skills in a range of creative disciplines such as painting, drawing, printmaking, digital photography, digital art and sculpture. We have high expectations and encourage our pupils to broaden their creativity through experimentation with media and materials through the use of techniques, along with covering the common practices and possibilities of art and design. Contextual studies are integrated across the Art curriculum throughout KS3 and KS4 assignments.

Year 10 GCSE pupils will be equipped with a sketchbook and portfolio. As the pupils’ progress through the course, they will be building up their portfolio of their coursework. Pupils will take a final 10-hour exam, which will cover 40% of their grade. Art and Design is a fairly intense yet potentially rewarding course at GCSE level, allowing for pupils to test and demonstrate their interest and talents in the world of art. Art and design covers a wide range of potential careers involving media, photography and animation, which allows for a wide range of work that is potentially satisfying and rewarding.