Burnett News Club

Caister Academy has joined the Burnet News Club!

Caister Academy is excited to announce new membership with the Burnet News Club, an educational organisation that seeks to engage students in news literacy and to raise ambition and aspiration in young people.

News comes in lots of different forms. Often, you can feel surrounded and inundated by it. Sometimes, it feels like it will never stop and that there is a constant stream of things happening. That’s true! And, especially at the moment, you might feel like the news is never far from your mind. At times, this can feel a bit overwhelming and even stressful. But this doesn’t mean we should shut out the news and live in a total black hole.

If we don’t know what’s going on in the world, how can we have a say on it? And, worse than that, how can we do anything about it? So, as you’ve probably guessed by the name, the Burnet News Club is all about the news and what we think about it. In the club, students discuss the big issues of the day like climate change, healthcare and politics.

As well as learning lots of new skills and talking about what’s going on in the world, there’s the Burnet News Club Hub, which is the website where students get to connect with lots of different people.

Students get their own accounts, where they can talk in a safe and monitored online platform to other students from around the UK about the issues affecting them. Students can have questions answered by really impressive experts, from astronauts
to MPs, and can enter competitions every week. Club stars can be earned every time a student adds excellent points to the discussion boards!

On top of all that, there are loads of competitions and prizes to win all year round. The very best students may get to attend the Burnet News Club Awards Ceremony which in previous years has been held at Buckingham Palace!

In the Burnet News Club students can:
• Explore a new topic every half term through games and fun activities
• Post work, videos and ideas online
• Discuss big issues with students around the UK
• Have questions answered by experts
• Win prizes and competitions all year round

The Burnet News Club also gives student fantastic opportunities to develop their news literacy and exposure to potential careers in the media, politics, the environment and public services.

For more information about the Burnet News Club, students should contact Mr Weight at chris.weight@caisteracademy.org.uk and should visit the Club website at www.burnetnewsclub.com

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