CET Day of Shakespeare

As an Academy we joined the other Academies in the trust for a day of Shakespeare, our small ensemble cast  aimed to create a production that brings vividly to life the fear filled tragedy of Macbeth. They set themselves the challenge of being on stage throughout the performance, playing multiple parts and creating live percussion sound. This meant that the cast developed a strong working relationship, learnt new skills and been able to understudy and support each other. From the onset they wanted to set the play in the 1600s and focus on creating the right mood and atmosphere. It was decided to include the fight between Macduff and Macbeth as the actors were keen to practice their stage fighting skills and wanted to add further tension and excitement to the final scene. Many of the cast are not natural musicians but were enthusiastic to learn and develop their musicianship by attending extra rehearsals. In addition, they wanted to focus on using minimal set to recreate the barren, rustic, Scottish landscape. The design workshops gave a wonderful opportunity to develop creative ideas and work closely with the art department, and the cast are appreciative of all the school pupils who gave up their free time to assist with making of the props and set.


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