At Caister Academy, we aim to provide pupils with a wide range of IT skills. With the age of technology and the many great advancements that have been discovered and developed in computing technology, we believe it is the right time to educate the young in this field. IT is also important in many other job roles from data management and media to advanced programming and hardware design. We cover the fundamentals of ICT, such as word processing and spreadsheets. However, there is a greater emphasis on developing computing skills. Writing computer code has been introduced in Years 7, 8 and 9, so pupils develop an understanding of programming at a younger age, which prepares them for the modern age of computer technology.

The Topics for Each Year

Year 7

•  Networks and Email
•  Binary and Control
•  Spreadsheets
•  E-Safety
•  Analysing Data and Asking Questions
•  Databases
•  Simple Programming Using Scratch

Year 8

•  Flowchart programming
•  Multimedia
•  Data Representation
•  IT in Shops
•  Advanced Databases
•  Programming Using Python and Scratch

Year 9

•  Understanding Computer Systems
•  Programming Projects Using Python and Scratch
•  Computer Technology

Year 10 & 11 GCSE

•  Network Security
•  System Architecture
•  High and Low-level Programming
•  Computational Thinking
•  Algorithms

Such a wide spectrum of knowledge allows for greater opportunities in persuing a career, as IT is part of many businesses within many different job roles.