CPR training kits to borrow

As part of the British Heart Foundation’s “Help Build a Nation of Lifesavers” campaign, Caister Academy have been given Call Push Rescue training kits to promote CPR in schools.

To help extend the skills into the community we would like to offer groups/clubs the use of this valuable resource. If you are a group/club and would like to borrow the kits, please contact Mrs Arnold at the Academy.

To learn how to perform CPR, follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Shake and shout
  • Step 2: Check for normal breathing
  • Step 3: Call 999
  • Step 4: Give 30 chest compressions
  • Step 5: Give two rescue breaths
  • Step 6: Repeat until an ambulance arrives

Remember – even if you haven’t been trained in CPR with rescue breathing, you can still use hands-only CPR.

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