With the engineering sector relating to industries, such as the energy sector and product design, it is a thriving area in which to gain a creative and/or profitable career. We provide engineering as a BTEC level 2, allowing for puopils, upon passing to move into apprenticeships, further education in the subject of engineering and possibly into a future career. A pupil must be in at least Set 2 mathematics and science to take this course. The BTEC is awarded upon the successful completion of two core units along with two other additional units.

Level 2 BTEC in Engineering covers:

•  Machine work and equipment use
•  Planning and design
•  Understanding which materials are best to use
•  Knowing which equipment should be used for a task and how it should be used

One assessment is marked internally and three are marked externally. As pupils’ progress through the course, they will learn many engineering techniques, terms and methods; allowing for a pupil to achieve a great level of skill and knowledge.