The Ethics Department at Caister Academy aim to ask challenging questions such as “Is there an ultimate meaning and purpose to life?” and “How did us humans come to be?” Pupils will develop a sound knowledge and understanding of Christianity and all the other major world religions.

Year 7

Pupils will gain a broad overview of the development of the major world religions and then focus on Buddhism and Christianity. Pupils will develop research and evaluative skills and will have the opportunity to work in project groups.

Year 8

Pupils will ask big moral and religious questions. They will follow an enquiry on what is the best form of guidance. Pupils will also look at the Sikh Gurdwara and Pilgrimage.

Year 9

Pupils will tackle the problem of evil and ask the question, “Does suffering make it impossible to believe in God?” Other topics will look at medical ethics, religion and science.

Year 10 and 11

Pupils will follow a course based on the AQA Religious studies B syllabus. Pupils are open to share their views and opinions on fundamental questions about identity, purpose, truth and values.

The topics will include religion, war, animal rights, the existence of God and prejudice.