Facilities are not for hire unless specified.

We provide many different facilities for education, support and resources for all of our students at Caister Academy.

Providing a diverse menu that accommodates for different tastes and dietary requirements is essential to the health and development of our students. The catering service is provided by ‘Edwards & Blake’. The canteen allows for a large amount of students at one time, while serving them in efficiently. We provide separate serving areas. The sandwich area, the pasta area, the main canteen serving area and the small desserts/checkout area. This allows for many choices while effectively distributing students across the hall.


Music Department
We have a wide variety of instruments such as guitars, bass guitars, ukuleles, drums, gamelan, etc. This provides our students with enough ways to bring their musical ideas to life. Our practice rooms allow for a productive and isolated area in which to improve musical skills and development.


Recording Studio
Our recording studio is kitted out with guitars and amplifiers along with an electric piano and a microphone with PA speakers, allowing for a creative setting in which to practice and perform.

Sports Hall
For students to reach their full sporting and fitness potential they require the facilities in which to learn, practice and play. Our sports hall is a vast space with many pieces of sporting equipment available to set up and use when required, such as badminton nets, ping pong tables, etc.