Food Preparation and Nutrition

Having good knowledge of food, food preparation and cooking is of great importance to achieve and maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Food Preparation and Nutrition as a subject and a GCSE course covers all of this; detailing the health qualities of different foods and which foods work together in a meal. As a GCSE, the subject covers the health benefits of many different foods, the science of food, how best to prepare food and the cooking of food.

Year 10 and 11 GCSE pupils of this subject are required to be able to:

•  Demonstrate safe and effective cooking skills, while being able to use different techniques and equipment
•  Understand health, diet and nutrition, while understanding the psychological and physiological reasons for a poor diet
•  Understand the economic, environmental, ethical and socio-cultural influences on food availability, production, diet and health choices
•  Understand and explore a range of ingredients and processes from different culinary traditions (traditional British and international) to inspire new ideas or modify existing recipes
•  Understand microbiological food safety considerations needed along with the nutritional, functional and sensory qualities of food

This course is useful for future work and/or education that involves, catering, hotel work, nutrition and teaching.