Geography at Caister is exciting and dynamic. Learners are encouraged to be reflective and to actively seek out challenging tasks. Failure is embraced and used as a diagnostic tool to build resilience, grit and determination. The goal of learning in the Geography department is to be the best that you can be, not necessarily to be the best.

Over time, pupils are able to articulate and understand what a good Geographer looks like, they are able to critique their own knowledge and understanding and set their own personal learning goals.

Throughout their time at Caister, pupils build a strong foundation of geographical skills and a way of thinking that is unique to the study of Geography. They begin to develop a holistic understanding of complex issues such as climate change, development, population growth, coastal management, globalisation and migration. They are able to display compassion and empathise with points of view that may be different to their own.

Pupils are encouraged to think for themselves and the values of co-operation, equality, solidarity, caring for others, equity and honesty are the corner stone to learning in Geography.

Year 7

Pupils will study the physical planet, including topics such as climate change, active zones, map skills and rivers.

Year 8

The focus switches to the human planet and includes topics such as globalisation, impossible places, development, population and indigenous peoples.

Year 9

As this is used as a GCSE foundation year, learners are able to experience some elements of the GCSE course, and have an understanding of the content covered in years 10 and 11. This will include GCSE level content, but with less breadth than in years 10 and 11.

Year 10

Pupils will study the Edexcel B specification over two years, covering nine learning units. Some of the units covered include: the UK’s evolving physical landscape, development dynamics, challenges of an urbanising world, consuming energy resources and hazardous earth. Year 10 also includes the opportunity to participate in a three day residential fieldtrip to Flatford Mill field studies centre in Suffolk.

Pupils that leave Caister with a GCSE in Geography are well prepared to actively participate in a modern democratic society. They are skilled communicators and value the contributions of others as much as their own. They are also able to ask critical questions of the world around them and integrate sustainability into the core of their thinking. They are able to view global issues from a variety of positions and feel compelled to actively participate in the creation of a fairer and more equal society.