Health and Social Care

Life is of great importance to us all. We care for the health and wellbeing of others, however many of us may not be equipped with the knowledge to further our desire to offer and demonstrate our ability to care in a future career. Our GCSE course offers an entry point into the area of health and social care in order to further the education and career potential of our pupils.

What Will Be Covered?

•  Human growth and development, including the factors which affect this
•  The effects of relationships on personal growth and development
•  The effects of live events on personal growth and development
•  How health care, social can and early years’ services are accessed, including the barriers to access
•  How health care, social care and early years’ services are provided
•  The workers in health care, social care and early years’ services
•  The values that relate to care, which are integral to service provider interaction

The Opportunities

•  Learning to understand health, social care and early years’ sectors through the use of research and evaluation of a range of organisations and services
•  Gaining the ability to examine problems that may affect the quality of human life
•  Being able to be critical towards solving problems within the many areas relating to Health and Social Care
•  Having active engagement in the subject to develop as a knowledgeable and independent pupil

Achieving a pass grade or beyond in this course can improve career opportunities through gained knowledge and experience, which can be extended through further education courses and programmes within this subject field.