Welcome to Caister Academy. We are a 11 – 16 school, predominantly serving the village of Caister-on-Sea and surrounding areas, however we welcome applications from pupils across the county. We are a small non-selective academy and are part of the growing Creative Education Trust (CET).

At Caister Academy we believe that every pupil should be given the opportunity to      BE THE BEST THEY CAN BE, irrespective of their starting points and backgrounds. Our core values and ethos are based around four key principles:

  • RESPECT for each other and the environment
  • RESPONSIBILITY for our learning and behaviour
  • RELATIONSHIPS between pupils, staff and the wider community
  • RESILIENCE to keep going in difficult circumstances

As a smaller academy we are able to focus on knowing each of our pupils and their individual needs, and by developing purposeful and personal relationships, guide them to achieve their potential. It is our belief that engagement with parents and external agencies are invaluable. We have been recognised by Ofsted as a ‘good’ school, with a broad and balanced curriculum which encourages pupils to develop a wider understanding of culture. It is important to us as an academy that we develop fully rounded individuals capable of contributing positively when they transition to further education and the world of work.

Pastoral care is a priority – our dedicated non-teaching pastoral team ensure all pupils are valued and included. Pupils at Caister Academy enjoy being part of a close community; they take advantage of the excellent facilities, joining in the many extra-curricular activities on offer, and build close relationships with fellow peers and staff. Pupil voice is important to us and the pupils at Caister Academy tell us they feel safe and secure, and are proud of their school and its achievements.

Everything we do, every decision we make, has the pupils and their best interests at the centre. We want them to thrive and succeed at Caister Academy and become well rounded, courteous, compassionate and ambitious individuals, ready to take on the demands of an ever changing world.