Welcome from the Principal

Welcome to Caister Academy, an 11–16 co-educational day school, specialising in English and the performing arts.  We offer a rigorous, traditional curriculum; supplemented by a broad choice from the arts, technology, and sport; all personalised to the strengths of individual students.

Caister Ethos:


All Caister students have the potential to achieve outstanding academic success.  Our mantra of ‘every student every subject’ means that we expect excellence in all curriculum areas and set the highest standards for every student, regardless of their year group and whether they are aiming for a Grade 5 or a Grade 9.


All Caister students have the potential to excel outside of their core lessons.  Our enrichment programme, compiled through an extensive range of after school clubs, activities and trips, gives students the opportunity to explore a range of experiences, find something that they love, and pursue it.


All Caister students not only leave school with qualifications and experiences, but with the skills to lead happy, fulfilling lives.  Our teaching fosters independence, resilience and commitment; ensuring students are equipped to overcome whatever future challenges they may face.  Our curriculum provides opportunities for leadership, teamwork and self-reflection; encouraging students to work with others and to always strive for personal improvement. 


All Caister students are proud of their school and where they come from.  They have a sense of service to the community and a sense of place with a world view.  Students leave us wanting to contribute positively to society, and we look forward to our former charges returning one day to give back to the community that helped shape them as young adults.

Working within the Creative Education Trust:

Being part of the Creative Education Trust provides us with immediate access to a national network of support, whilst retaining the autonomy to make the decisions that are best for our students.  More importantly, being part of the Creative Education Trust means that our students are joining a family.  A family that will care for and support its children on their chosen path, with dedicated staff, who are committed to removing barriers to student’s success.  We are a family that places the safety, happiness and fulfilment of its young people at the centre of all we do.  

We choose to be a Creative Education Trust Academy because we passionately believe in the potential of every individual.  I welcome you to join our community, and entrust us with the education and aspirations of your child.

Ben Driver