Staff List

Senior LeadershipResponsibility
Mrs A Bridges


Mrs V Miller

Vice Principal  Teaching and Learning

Mrs A Lumley

Vice Principal          Pupil Guidance

Mrs E Ingham

Assistant Principal  Teaching and Learning

Mrs E Preston

Assistant Principal  SEND Co-Ordinator

Mr J Read

Assistant Principal  Standard and Achievement

Mrs L King

Assistant Principal  Curriculum Development Manager

Year Guidance ManagersResponsibility
Mrs A Baldwin

Senior Year Guidance Manager

Ms J Sayer

Year Guidance Manager

Mrs A Vanner

Year Guidance Manager

Team LeadersResponsibility
Mr J Beales

Second in Science

Ms M Carlos

Curriculum Team Leader – PE

Mr K Cromwell

Curriculum Team Leader – Geography

Mrs G Crosson

Second in Maths

Miss N Curston

Faculty Leader Performing Arts

Mr A Evans

Course Leader – Ethics

Mr M Knapp

Curriculum Team Leader – Science

Mrs N Lazarov

Curriculum Team Leader – Modern Foreign Languages

Miss M Mason

Head of Design

Mrs D McMillan

Curriculum Team Leader – History

Mr K Storey

Curriculum Team Leader – Mathematics

Mr C Weight

Professional Tutor

Mrs S Weihser

Course Leader – Music

Teaching StaffResponsibility
Miss E Aldous

Teacher of English

Mrs L Arbuthnot

Course Leader – Art

Mr P Blake

Teacher of Technology

Mrs J Burley

Teacher of English

Mrs S Butcher

Instructor of Maths

Mrs V Collins

Teacher of Health and Social Care

Mr A Frost

Teacher of PE

Mr D Hills

Teacher of Geography

Mr G Jepp

Instructor of ICT

Mrs M King

Teacher of English

Mrs M Learoyd

Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

Mr B Marquis

Instructor of Motor Vehicle Studies

Mr A McMillan

Teacher of PE

Miss D Mileham

Teacher of Science

Mr A Minns

Teacher of Mathematics

Mr P Moyo

Teacher of Mathematics

Miss L Thomas

Teacher of Science

Miss A Vanner

Instructor of English

Mrs H Wells

Teacher of Drama

Miss A Wise

Teacher of Design & Technology

Mrs R Wood

Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs J Yaxley

Teacher of English

Specialist Support StaffResponsibility
Mrs S Arnold


Mrs S Beitler

Cover Supervisor

Mrs T English

Academy Counsellor

Mrs K Firth

Additional Needs Guidance Manager

Mrs L Kerrison

Additional Needs Support

Mrs C Neave

Attendance & Welfare Officer

Mrs C Martin

Behaviour Inclusion Facility Manager

Ms G McAdam

Senior Science Technician

Mrs A Reeder

Cover Supervisor

Mr J Riseley

Technology Technician

Teaching AssistantsResponsibility
Mrs A Fuery

Teaching Assistant

Mr A Garrod

Apprentice Teaching Assistant

Miss T Gayson

Apprentice Teaching Assistant

Miss C Gorman

Teaching Assistant

Miss E Hallybone

Apprentice Teaching Assistant

Mrs V Jacobs

Teaching Assistant

Miss P Mannall

Teaching Assistant

Mr T Osben

Teaching Assistant

Miss M Scott

Apprentice Teaching Assistant

Administration StaffResponsibility
Mrs A Barnes

Attendance Administration

Mrs J Bowgen

Data Administrator / Clerk to Governors

Mrs S Holt

Finance Administrator

Miss R Knight

Data Manager

Mr A Lack

IT Technician

Miss K McClintock


Mr D Shaw

Area Finance Manager

Mrs M Simm

Media, PR and Administrator

Miss J Smith


Miss S Starkey

Finance Administration

Mr J Ward

ICT Administrator

Mrs R Woods

Principal’s P.A. / Exams Officer

Catering StaffResponsibility
Mrs J Cooley

Catering Assistant

Mr O Pride

Catering Manager

Mrs J Robinson

Catering Assistant

Mrs J White

Catering Assistant

Mrs M Wright

Assistant Catering Manager

Site StaffResponsibility
Mrs C Barnes


Mrs C Boughen


Mr D Burrell

Site Manager

Mrs S Duncan


Mr J Easey

Site Manager & Health & Safety Officer

Mrs A Horne


Mrs V Roll


Mrs A Seaman