Staff List

Senior Leadership Team
Mr Ben Driver Principal
Miss H Seath Vice Principal and Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs E Preston Assistant Principal – Behaviour and Inclusion
Mrs L King Assistant Principal – Operations
Mr J Read Assistant Principal – Assessment and Curriculum
Mrs E Ingham Assistant Principal – Teaching and Learning
Mrs A Ford Director of Learning
Curriculum Leaders
Miss G Soanes Head of English
Miss J Lee Head of Mathematics
Mr M Foster Head of Science
Mr K Cromwell Head of Geography
Mrs D McMillan Head of History
Mrs R Wood Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr M Thompson Head of Creative Arts and Technology
Ms N Curston Head of Performing Arts
Mr A McMillan Head of Physical Education
Pastoral Leaders
Ms A Baldwin Head of Year 7 and Senior Head of Year
Ms A Vanner Head of Year 11
Ms J Sayer Head of Year 10
Mr D Fisher Head of Year 9
Mr T Osben Head of Year 8
Mrs C Neave Attendance and Welfare Officer