Materials Technology

At Caister Academy we pride ourselves on bringing out the full potential of every pupil, so that they can be the best they can be. Materials Technology is a creative area that encompasses many practical and educational tasks. Crafting and creation are the core elements of Materials Technology, which allows pupils to develop ideas to later bring those ideas to life. This can be highly rewarding and encouraging for not just the individual, but also the class as a whole. Working together is just as important as working individually, as thoughts can flourish and plans can come to fruition through the enjoyment and hard work of the pupils who participate within their groups.

The course will challenge the creative and building skills of all pupils; motivating and inspiring them to develop their abilities and improve on their knowledge.

Key elements of the course include:

•  Developing knowledge of the properties and uses of materials
•  Concept work and design plans
•  Teamwork and clear communication to allow for a functional/complete product
•  Testing and critique of the product from its first creation to its final revision

At GCSE level, the qualification allows for a great way into many other related fields and cources, such as the engineering and media industries.