Motor Vehicle Technology

Having the knowledge to diagnose and repair problems is a great skill that can aid the individual and others in day-to-day situations and within a business as an employee or as a customer. We extend this possibility through our Level 1 Motor Vehicle Technology course that covers important aspects of motor vehicle repair and safety.

Areas of the Course

•  Workshop Health and Safety
•  Workshops tools and materials
•  Engines and power units
•  Braking systems
•  Wheel and tyre fitting
•  Exhaust systems

Course Requirements

•  Dismantle and repair car parts
•  Interpret technical diagrams
•  Draw diagrams of car parts
•  Write notes and label diagrams
•  Develop your use and knowledge of hand tools and materials
•  Keep a workshop clean and safe

When having passed the course, pupils can go on to studying Level 2 Motor Vehicle Technology and later advance to a Level 3. Acquiring these grades can increase the potential for employment in many motor vehicle related job roles, such as body repairs and motor vehicle mechanic.