The aim of the Music Department at Caister Academy is to make music:


  • To develop a sensitive response to sound in general and a lifelong enjoyment of music of all kinds, both as a listener and a participant.
  • To think about musical ideas.
  • To use music as a creative stimulus.


  • To develop pupils’ self-expression.
  • To develop the capacity to understand and express ideas and feelings through the medium of sound.


  • Singing and playing instruments together creates bonds
  • To develop the ability to work constructively as a member of a group using skills of leadership, discussion, negotiation and the blending of different peoples’ ideas.


  • To develop an awareness of musical heritage, traditions and developments in a variety of cultures and societies.
  • Music provides many opportunities for pupils to get involved in the cultural life of the school, the wider community and society as a whole. In music each pupil can develop his or her ability to make a positive contribution to the cultural life of the school in a variety of ways, as performer, listener, organiser, music leader or in a supporting role. Being involved in the cultural life of a community provides opportunities to make a lifelong contribution to society.


  • To help language development and literacy.
  • To develop a feel for patterns and numeracy.
  • To provide a vehicle for learning and to enhance other subjects e.g. language, history, art, drama, dance etc.


  • Music helps pupils to understand the way their feelings work and to develop an insight into areas of experience, some of which cannot be verbalised easily.

The Lesson

  • Develop an understanding and enjoyment of music.
  • Provide opportunities for singing, playing instruments, performing, composing and listening.
  • Offer a variety of musical experiences reflecting different times, places and cultures.
  • Explore music through cross-curricular themes.
  • Meet the requirements of the National Curriculum.

In addition to curriculum based work the Music Department runs a number of projects and performances throughout the year which includes:

 Voices Foundation masterclasses for Choir and solo singers

 Joint CET Schools Choir projects for Boys Choir and Mixed Choir

 Music Industry Workshop day

GYSMA Carol Concert

CET Carol Service at Gt Yarmouth Minster

Music workshops and Concerts delivered by Norfolk Music Hub

Variety Show organised by key stage 4 Music Students

Pupils can opt for Music at KS4, and will complete the RSL Level 2 Award in Music Performance for Music Practitioners. The vocational course is designed to give learners an understanding of music skills and performance, as well as developing their critical understanding of different styles and genres.

Pupils will complete the following Units:

  •  201 Music Knowledge ( internally assessed )
  • 202 Live Musical  Performance  ( examined unit )
  • 204 Instrumental Study ( internally assessed )

“Music affords a kind of pleasure that human beings cannot do without” – Confucius