National Schools Netball Competition

The first regional stage of the National School Netball Competition kicked off at Caister Academy on Tuesday 9th October.

Acle Academy, Flegg High, Ormiston Academy, Lynn Grove Academy, Ormiston Venture and Cliff Park Academy all played in rotation to make it to the second stage.

Caister won the first three matches with goals scored by year 11’s Renee Shadmy and Sam Pinkney before being losing to Lynn Grove Academy by a few points.

The final game between Ormiston Venture and Caister Academy was a close one with Caister down 5–0 for the first half, but after a half-time pep talk with curriculum team leader of PE Ms Carlos with Caister came back to win the second half 5-1.

It was a wonderful start to the competition with great evening of netball, both staff and pupil’s support was abundant and just what the teams needed.  It was good to see over 50 pupils taking part in the first netball tournament of the season.

The next stage of the competition takes place at the UEA in November.

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