Progress 8

‘Progress 8’ and ‘Attainment 8’ are the new measures of attainment introduced by the Government. Attainment 8 is the personal measure for individual pupils and Progress 8 will be used to determine how schools are performing.

The Attainment 8 measure will reflect the achievement of the individual pupil and will be used by colleges, employers and universities when applying for employment or courses in the future. Every single qualification studied at Key Stage 4 will contribute towards the Attainment 8 measure. As a school, we have ensured that our options programme meet the demands of the measure as well as continuing to offer a broad and varied curriculum. It is important that learners strive to achieve their potential in all subject areas to give themselves a strong academic profile, the ability to compete and to gain opportunities and realise aspirations. The Progress 8 measure reflects the academic journey, or progress, of each pupil from an educational standpoint and is used by Government to determine how well the school is doing.