Renew Your Future

40 of our Year 9 pupils recently took part in a ‘Renew Your Future’ activity….

The Mason Trust were awarded some funding by the Dudgeon Community Fund to provide six interactive ‘Renew your Future’ energy days to schools in the Great Yarmouth (and Breckland) regions.  The aim of the days were to get pupils thinking about the local impact of wind energy and the employment opportunities available. 

Pupils worked in teams throughout the day learning about Dudgeon wind farm through videos, presentations and quizzes. After a break in the day pupils had the chance to build their own Lego wind turbine, deciding on the number of blades to use and other variables. Pupils also had to look at location for their wind farm and its profitability.

The day finished with pupils building a Lego car and attaching a wind turbine charged power pack. Once built, pupils raced their cars in the schools sports hall. Prizes included Amazon vouchers for the winning team members.

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