At Caister Academy we have a dedicated team of specialist science teachers, teaching assistants and an award winning science technician. We have six modern laboratories and continually invest in equipment and resources to facilitate our pupils’ learning.

The Science Team are committed to ensure that every pupil experiences the science which will have relevance in their day to day life; we also develop in our pupils an understanding that science supports career opportunities well beyond the lab coat.

We encourage our pupils to take part in extra-curricular activities offered throughout the year: We are part of the Triple Science Network, attend Future Science for Future Scientists at the John Innes Centre, and events at East Norfolk Sixth Form College including ‘Operation Live’. This year we also took over 40 pupils to the Big Bang Fair at Hatfield University and we are very proud of our record of taking part in the Salters’ Festival of Chemistry held at the UEA; this year our team won the Salters Challenge Prize. We offer Crest Discovery and Bronze Awards and the opportunity to use university standard techniques and equipment in school with the AMGEN Biotechnology Experience.

We have built strong community links by inviting local schools to join us when we have had planetariums and the Royal Institution Science Show visit. Our science technician has set up a network for science technicians with 60 members from schools throughout Norfolk and North Suffolk providing training and support to improve practical science in local schools.

Year 7 & 8

We follow an interesting and varied topic based scheme of work that covers biology, chemistry and physics. Pupils can access their learning resources at home using the Kerboodle website.

Topics studied:

•  Cells
•  Body systems
•  Reproduction
•  Health & Lifestyle
•  Ecosystems
•  Particles
•  Elements & Compounds
•  Reactions
•  Acids & Alkalis
•  Separation Techniques
•  Forces
•  Sound
•  Light
•  Space
•  Electricity
•  Magnetism
•  Energy

Year 9

Year 9 set one and two start GCSEs in the three separate Sciences following the Pearson syllabus. The other sets follow a scheme of work devised to bridge the gap between key stage 3 and GCSE before starting their Edexcel GCSE studies in February.

Topics studied:

•  Adaptation & Inheritance
•  Key Concepts in Biology
•  Metals & Acids
•  States of Matter
•  Separating & Purifying Substances
•  Motion & Pressure
•  Vectors & Scalars

Year 10 & 11

Pupils are taught in ability sets. Each set will have three specialist teachers covering Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Set 1 will study for three separate GCSEs and the other sets take combined Science (a combination of Biology, Chemistry and Physics). All exams are with Edexcel. There is regular assessment throughout and targeted intervention is used with any pupils that under-perform. Pupils can access their textbooks and other learning resources with ActiveLearn website.

Pupils with SEND will receive differentiated resources, in-class TA support and coloured paper/exercise books if relevant.