Careers at KS4

All pupils have one Ethics lesson per week. The Ethics lesson comprises of Careers, Religious Education and PHSE.

Year 10 – Lessons take place in the Summer Term and encompass the following themes:

•  Decisions: Taking on responsibility for making career plans. Setting goals and targets. Understanding Labour Market Information and how to use it in career planning. Understanding qualifications in both further and higher education.
•  Skills: Recognising personal skills, interests, values and qualities.
•  People: Discrimination, stereotypes and differences.
•  Work: The benefits of work experience, rights and responsibility in the work place, the importance of health and safety.
•  General: Throughout the academic year, Year 10 pupils have a range of opportunities regarding employment and higher education, that expand knowledge to aid career planning. For example, UEA Law Day is a practical workshop activity regarding different aspects of the law. A number of speakers from diverse skills sectors will present in Assembly.

Year 11 – Lessons take place in the Autumn Term and encompass the following themes:

•  Post 16 Opportunities: College, Training Provider, Apprenticeship, Forces. How to make decisions on post school career pathway.


College Applications:

•  Personal Statement: How to write one to the best effect.
•  Letters: Application and speculative.

Apprenticeships: Structure and Sourcing


•  Planning: Setting goals and targets.
•  Labour Market: Understanding how to use LMI.
•  Research using a wide range of resources.

Higher Education: Looking at the Longer Term


•  General: All year 11 pupils are taken to a local sixth form college and a local college of further education in order to better understand the difference and help make decisions of what sort of learning environment would best suit their needs. Colleges and training providers from across the county are invited to present to the pupils, as well as attending a post 16 parent and pupil presentation event.

Representatives from a range of skill sectors and higher education run:

•  Talks and assemblies.
•  Apprenticeship workshops.
•  Drop in career sessions and appointments in careers room N4.