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Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance programme at Caister Academy is managed and co-ordinated by our 11-19 Manager, Mrs L King.

Mrs L King can be contacted via:

Telephone on 01493 720542, ext 308
Or email at


Careers Education

Caister Academy offers a broad careers programme for all pupils from Year 7 upwards.  We believe that all learners are entitled to participate in a well-planned program-me of careers education and receive impartial guidance that will help them to develop skills, knowledge and attitudes enabling them to be effective in a variety o–f adult roles and throughout their careers.

Careers Education is delivered by tutors through timetabled Ethics lessons, and more information regarding the topics covered can be found through the KS3 and KS4 Careers Schemes of Work.  Our programme recognises the needs and abilities of pupils of all levels and needs and seeks equality of access and provision for all.

In addition to the Careers Education programme, Caister Academy offers a broad range of opportunities to ensure that all pupils are able to:

•  Develop a better knowledge and understanding of themselves and make informed, reasoned decisions.
•  Becoming aware of opportunities in education, training, work and adult life generally.
•  Develop qualities and competences essential for fostering personal growth, social competence and employability.
•  Successfully manage transitions to new roles and situations.


Careers Information, Advice and Guidance

The Information, Advice and Guidance programme at Caister Academy is devised in order to offer a wide range of activities that inform, inspire and motivate our pupils.  We have a dedicated Careers Room, N4, which is fully equipped with books, leaflets, posters and Internet access and holds a vast array of information.  There is an interview room where the NCC Guidance Advisor holds individual interviews and Mrs L King, 11-19 Manager, is available for break and lunch drop-in sessions, as well as more formal appointments.  Support can be sought for IAG regarding college applications, CV and letter writing and apprenticeship knowledge.  In addition we work with many agencies, colleges, universities and employers who provide extensive knowledge about further and higher education as well as labour market information.


Work Experience

As a school we believe that Work Experience is always important, it provides the link between education and employment and the shared skills required for each.  At Caister Academy work experience takes place during the summer term and is available to all Year 10 pupils.  All pupils who wish to participate must self-generate their own placement with an employer. Here are some documents that describe work experience along with a work experience agreement form for allowing a pupil to participate in work experience. Please print any documents that you wish to fill in to apply for your work experience placement. All forms must be completed and returned to Mrs L. King. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mrs L. King at this email address:

Work Experience Agreement Form
Work Experience Guide

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Career Links

Below are links to resources which can help with career planning.

Caister Academy Careers Facebook Page              =             Careers at Caister

Caister Academy Twitter                                           =             @LKingCaister


•  This is the Norfolk 14-19 online prospectus – you can use this website to find out about courses, training and jobs in Norfolk.

National Careers Service

•  The National Careers Service website has a wide range of facilities, such as job profiles, skills matching as well as access to online and phone careers advisors.


•  This is the UCAS website where applications are made for university.  It is always a good idea to check out the diverse range of undergraduate degrees available to ensure that you are planning your post 16 options to meet the needs of your post 18 plans.

Year 11 Apprenticeship Opportunities:

Apprenticeship Vacancies and Information
Oil and Gas Engineering Apprenticeship (Opito)
Engineering Construction Apprenticeship (ECITB)
Electrical, Plumbing, Heating & Ventilation or Maintenance Apprenticeships (JTL)
Motor Mechanic Apprenticeships

Other useful websites and information:

Army Jobs

•  The Army offer a bursary to students who want to join the army after doing a vocation course at college.

Post 16 Transport

•  Norfolk County Council provides help for many students to get reduced price travel passes for bus or train journeys to college. More information and application forms are available at the above website.

The above list is not exhaustive and opportunities are posted regularly on the Careers at Caister Facebook page.