We would like to welcome you to the German Language Department at Caister Academy.

We strongly believe that due to the increasing cultural and work-related exchanges between people from different countries, it has become important to speak more than one language. There is no doubt that people who can speak more than one language have a real asset for life. Learning and knowing a foreign language does not only enrich peoples’ working life and leisure time, but it also improves peoples’ intercultural understanding and life skills. That is why we believe that all pupils should leave school having a sound knowledge of a second language.



Our aims are to bring about a passion in pupils for learning languages, to help them to realise their potential and to achieve their goals. To achieve these aims we offer language lessons which are inclusive, stimulating and enjoyable.

In both KS3 and KS4 pupils have the opportunity to practise the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in language lessons. Pupils are actively engaged in their own learning and the teaching of grammar helps them to manipulate language in order to express their own ideas and opinions.


The Benefits

There are many benefits to learning a language. Pupils develop stronger communication skills, allowing for improved confidence and knowledge. There is also a greater opportunity of acquiring a career abroad or a career within a company that has international links.


The Topics for Each Year

Year 7

•  My World
•  Family and Pets
•  Free Time
•  School

Year 8

•  Holidays
•  Media
•  Healthy Living
•  Festivals
•  Going Out (extra)

Year 9

•  Role Models
•  Music
•  Ambitions
•  Childhood
•  Laws and Responsibilities

Year 10 & 11

There are three broad themes:

1. Identity and culture
2. Local, national, international and global areas of interest
3. Current and future study and employment

Skills are separated into the following areas:

•  Reading
•  Listening
•  Translation into English
•  Translation into German
•  Basic writing
•  Extended writing
•  General conversation
•  Role Play
•  Picture discussion



GCSE Grammar and Translation Workbook
ISBN 9781292132730
Target Grade 5 Reading GCSE (9-1) German Workbook
Target Grade 5 Writing GCSE (9-1) German Workbook
ISBN 9780435189044