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Assessment and Reporting

The main contributor in a student’s academic success is the all-encompassing support created by a positive relationship between parents and the school. We believe that an understanding of progress and attainment is a right for all members of the community.

Students are formally assessed at least twice a year in all year groups to provide standardised outcomes for measuring their progress and attainment. More importantly, teachers use ongoing classroom assessment strategies to ensure that misconceptions are addressed, prior knowledge is built on, and achievement is driven for all. 

Where students sit summative assessment, the outcomes of assessment are shared with parents through three different platforms:

  • Parents’ Evenings – students and parents can discuss progress, achievement, and areas for development with class teachers 
  • Achievement Reports – a report issued to parents five times across the academic year, containing key information of progress, attainment, attendance, and behaviour 
  • Arbor – students and parents can access live data about progress, attainment, attendance, and behaviour, at any time.  

Through this regular communication, students are supported in achieving their ambitions and potential.