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Mathematics is the music of reason.

James Joseph Sylvester, English mathematician

Mathematics at Caister Academy prepares students for a successful future regardless of their chosen career path.  Students are expected to leave the academy, not just with excellent grades in the subject, but the ability to think creatively, act independently, and with the perseverance and resilience required to solve problems.  These attributes are developed through our commitment to specialist teaching, a well-structured curriculum, and appropriate support for all students.

Teaching is aimed at developing a strong conceptual understanding of the basic underpinning principles of mathematics.  These principles are then built upon through the consolidation of key topics, with constant extension for the more able.  We aim to build confidence and enjoyment of the subject for future learning, whilst providing constant challenge that will stretch even the sharpest minds.  To ensure students are able to link their studies to the real world, each topic is supported by additional material designed to broaden interest and demonstrate applied mathematics in real life.

In addition to regular informal assessment and feedback in lessons, students are formally assessed at the end of each topic.  The feedback from these assessments forms a personalised plan for improvement in the term ahead, with a range of independent resources available to support.  Where students are falling behind, or requiring additional challenge, interventions or additional classes are provided as appropriate.

We maintain high expectations at all times, making every minute count and encouraging all students to realise their full potential.