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The purpose of our praise and reward culture is to provide a clear framework through which staff can praise and reward students for going above and beyond the high expectations of normal Caister Academy conduct.     

Caister Academy staff seek to praise, encourage, celebrate and reward: 

  • Ambition: demonstrated through achievement and effort and attendance.
  • Opportunity: through extra-curricular participation and taking learning risks - not being afraid to fail.  
  • Character: modelling positive attributes such as independence, resilience, and leadership, and overcoming barriers to success.   
  • Community: by positive contribution to the academy or broader community. 
  • In addition, staff seek to engage students with positive, proactive language at all times.   

Our underpinning philosophy of praise and rewards are:  

  • Regular and meaningful praise increases student motivation, encouraging high aspirations, enjoyment of learning, participation in academy life, and raising self-esteem.
  • Providing shared goals with positive outcomes gives students an aim to focus on, guiding positive decision making at times of challenge.    
  • A framework for rewards ensures they can be distributed consistently and equitably, with all stakeholders understanding the reasons for doing so and sharing in students’ success.   
  • Rewards should be accessible by students of all ability levels in all year groups.   
  • Rewards are not given for meeting basic expectations, just because they were not met previously.    

Our reward system:

  • All students across all year groups will have the opportunity to accrue and earn reward points across the academic year. This will combine whole school reward points and homework points. Students will be able to spend these reward points in our rewards shop throughout the year. We will also have special reward days and sprint weeks where students can power up for prizes and earn more points.
  • Running alongside this, students will have the opportunity at various stages throughout each term to be gifted with a Caister Reward Coin. Students can take their coin to the Theatre each Friday to trade in for a lucky dip prize.
  • We also celebrate high reward earners and 100% attenders each term with our spectacular reward events. These are always a surprise for our students and are a fantastic way of celebrating termly success.

Weekly Rewards

Each week, we change our Caister Coin focus. These are handed out on a Thursday morning by Form Tutors or Heads of Year. Students are rewarded with Caister Coins which they can trade for a lucky dip prize! We look forward to payday every Friday!












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Upcoming Reward Events

Students who achieve brilliant attendance throughout the Autumn Term will be entered into an iPad prize draw:

90% attendance - 1 entry
90-95% attendance - 2 entries
95-100% attendance - 3 entries

Our highest reward earners and students with 100% attendance will receive an exclusive invite to our Christmas Rewards Event on Friday 15 December 2023.





Rewards shop

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