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The curriculum at Caister Academy promotes academic excellence, personal development, and educational fulfilment for all students.  All subjects prioritise the retention of powerful knowledge and the development of independent learning skills, to ensure students have the opportunity to unlock their potential and be prepared for future study.  Strong achievement in English, mathematics and science is a minimum expectation, with students encouraged to take advantage of the full range of subjects available in Years 7 to 9, before selecting areas of focus for their final studies.   

In Years 7 to 9, we exceed the expectations of the National Curriculum:  English, mathematics and science receive eight one-hour lessons a fortnight each.  Geography, history and a choice of French, German or Spanish are also prioritised.  Students also study art & design, catering, computing, engineering, information & communication technology, religious studies, dance, drama and music.  To complement our music curriculum, all students have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, and singing is a regular feature of our lower school assemblies.  Finally, we ensure that all students prioritise their health and wellbeing, delivering above average allocations of physical education, and personal, social, health & economic education (PSHE) lessons.  And, to allow students to build positive relationships with their form tutor, an hour a fortnight is given over to personalised learning time in students’ form groups. 

In Year 10 and Senior Year, the core curriculum of English, mathematics, science, physical education, PSHE, religious education and personalised learning time continues. In addition, students are guided to select four options from a wide range of choices in the humanities, modern foreign languages, creative arts, performing arts, sport and technology.  Students with an aptitude for mathematics have the opportunity to study further mathematics, and students with an aptitude for science take this subject as three separate courses of biology, chemistry and physics. 

Students with special educational needs follow our full curriculum.  However, the delivery of individual subjects is adapted to ensure learning is scaffolded appropriately.  In addition, students with a reading age below their chronological age receive intensive literacy interventions until they have caught up with their peers. 

For those students ahead of their age related expectations; individual subjects ensure learners are well challenged, and high aspirations are maintained across the curriculum by our High Prior Attaining Co-ordinator. 

The majority of teaching takes place during the standard school day, which consists of form time to prepare for the day, then five one-hour lessons with a break and lunch.  Some extension courses run after school, as do our comprehensive programme of electives, designed to provide students with the opportunity to enhance their studies, or try something new; ranging from chess, to Cantonese, to our Combined Cadet Force.  All students are expected to attend at least one elective a week.  A full list of the current term’s electives can be found below. 

Students are also expected to supplement their studies with independent learning and reading, completed through guided homework set weekly, in line with our homework policy.  The library is available every evening, for students who wish to complete their home learning in school, with support on hand for those students needing further guidance. 

Subject Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Senior Year
English - Language and Literature 8 8 8 9 8
Mathematics 8 8 8 8 9
Science - Biology, Chemistry, Physics 8 8 8 9 9
Geography 3 3 3    
History 3 3 3    
Modern Foreign Languages - French, German, Or Spanish 4 4 4    
Art & Design 1 2 1    
Catering and Engineering 2 2 2    
Computing 1 1 1    
Information & Communication Technology 1        
Performing Arts: Dance and Drama 2 2 2    
Performing Arts: Music 2 2 2    
Physical Education 4 4 4 2 2
Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education 1 1 2 1 1
Religious Studies 1 1 1 D D
Personalised Learning Time 1 1 1 1 1
Option A       5 5
Option B       5 5
Option C       5 5
Option D       5 5

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